The SFERA2 download Area


You can download all deliverables, training materials, the access programme information and other communication documents by downloading this file containing the final SFERA II USB key content. (Zip archive ~250Mo)





D2.2 Edition of the project brochure

D2.3 Content of first conference

D2.4 SFERA article published in the FuturEnergy Magasine

D2.8 Content of third conference : Support to CSP Research Infrastructures Free Access to the European CSP facilities and their development - The SFERA II project




WP4 Educational outreach activities

D4.1 Content of Doctoral Colloquium #1

D4.2 Content of the SFERA School #1

D4.3 Content of Doctoral Colloquium #2

D4.4 Content of the SFERA School #2



D11.2 Report on established joint calibration facility for pyrheliometers at PSA to be operated as ACCESS facility

D11.6 Report on Measurement Uncertainty

D11.7 Report on Extended Mobile Bypass to Measure the Mass Flow Rate

D11.9 First yearly report



D13.1 New solar setup with acoustic diagnostic techniques for CSP materials

D13.2 New solar setup with acoustic diagnostic techniques for CSP materials: Comparison of the proposed behavior model with the experimental results from the developed test bed

D13.3 Comparisons of the spectral emissivity measurements at high temperatures of stainless steel AISI 310S

D13.4 Assessment of emissivity measurements with a spectroradiometer at high temperature

D13.5 Characterisation of porous materials

D13.6 Determination of physical properties of CSP materials under concentrated solar irradiation



D15.1 Report on protocols for standardized testing procedures and data analysis criteria

D15.5 Report of a ranked state of art review about HTF/HSM materials