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Currently, only the Access to Facilities pages are online with the new SFERA User Research Proposal Form.

Soon, the other headings will be filled.

The project involves the realization of three activities: Networking, Access and Research, which represent a large amount of very different tasks with the simultaneous execution of many of them.

To handle that, the project structure has been divided into three Activities, which have been grouped into 15 WPs.

Each Activity will have an ‘Activity Coordinator’, and each WP will have a WP Leader, who will be responsible for the correct execution of the different tasks included within the WP.

Coordinator of the Networking Activities: CNRS-PROMES (Gilles Flamant and Marie Prouteau)

Coordinator of the Transnational Access Activities: CIEMAT-PSA (Ricardo Sanchez and Isabel Oller)

Coordinator of the Joint Research Activities: DLR (Peter Heller and March Röger)