Training course for CSP professionals

Central receivers: Operation of heliostat fields


Announcement and call for applications

Location:               PROMES-CNRS, Odeillo, FRANCE
Date:                     June 13th-17th 2016
Target group:         The course is designed for representatives from the CSP industry and companies (engineers, researchers) who want to be                                trained on real CSP hardware

Course Language:    English

Objective:               This course focuses on Central receivers: Operation of heliostat fields                                                                                                  The training consists of both theoretical and practical modules covering the following topics

• Central receivers: overview, strengths and issues:
o Typical thermodynamic processes for electricity and material production
o Receiver technologies: materials, surface and volumetric geometries
o Storage strategies and benefits
o Optimisation: possibilities during design and operation
• Heliostat field design and operation:
o Heliostat field design optimisation techniques
o Heliostat field organisation: communication and energy topologies
o Practical test case: wireless field (Tower Thémis Targassonne)
o Practical test case: wired field (Solar Furnace Odeillo)
o Maintenance experience of heliostat fields: optical, mechanical and electrical aspects
• Characterisation of heliostat fields:
o Optical quality determination techniques review: Photogrammetry, deflectometry
o Power distribution and aiming characterisation techniques
o Practical test cases: fixed and moving target imaging, data processing

Trainers:                 Scientists and Specialists from CNRS 



Application Deadline:  The registration deadline is May 08, 2016 on a first come, first serve basis. Class size is limited                                                                  to 12 participants. Eligible candidates will be informed until May 13th 2016. The number of participants from one company                                  is two.
Fees:                          No course fee is applicable. Accommodation and travel costs shall be covered by the participant.

Contact:                      For further information, please contact: Anja Kruschinski (DLR)
Tel.:                           +34 950278884, email: anja.kruschinski@dlr.de


We suggest booking in one of the following hotels in Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via: Grand Tetras Hotel (40 min. walking distance) or Hotel l´Oustalet (10 min. walking distance).

To apply, please fill out the application form and send it to: anja.kruschinski@dlr.de