For a better harmonization of the CSP activities within Europe and a better understanding of what is at stake
at each other partners’ laboratory, this is important to emphasize the exchange of best practices. This will be
implemented in two ways.
- To carry on what has been worked on in SFERA I in the JRA task on solar flux measurement, 1
inter-comparison campaign of flux measurement instruments used at CNRS will be set up. Best practices
on practical and technical aspects of the instruments will be shared in order to standardize the use of these
instruments among the partners. A particular attention is turned to solar flux measurement at the focus of
concentrating systems because it is a key data for the evaluation of system efficiency (receivers, reactors, output
of secondary concentrators…).
- It was shown in WP12.3 of SFERA (Experimental Characterization of Solar Simulators) that the spectra of solar
furnaces and arc lamp based solar simulators differ. Flux sensors, with the exception of water-calorimeters, are
characterized by a non-uniform spectral sensitivity i.e. their response and also their calibration depends on the
spectrum of the concentrated radiation. This is particularly true for sensors that detect the number of impinging
photons (photon counters such as CCD cameras) and not the impinging power. The response of selected
sensors relative to a water calorimeter when used in a solar furnace will be established and compared to the
calibration obtained in a solar simulator. This will allow in future comparing flux data obtained in solar simulators
to the ones in solar furnaces.
- Exchange of personnel will be reinforced between the partners in order to share know-how, participate in
common R&D activities and to promote common technical and management methods. It should provide the
basis for skill enhancement and skill conservation.
It will result in a better co-operation and interconnectivity between the researchers, engineers, technicians
regarding working methodologies and common approaches for CSP activities. These activities are crucial to
carry on unified/coherent CSP activities and improve the services to the users at the different facilities.